Sunday, March 2, 2014

Once again, catching up....

Miss 4 year old Emma
 February is a big birthday month  around here...Emma (and her grandma -last of Jan, grandpa, & aunt are all within a week or so. ) then Whitney's is 8 days sooner.  It's paar~tay time!!

The newest celebrator baby cousin Luke.  Happy birthday Aunt Jamie!!

Lori made the cakes...too cute!!

Emma getting ready to open gifts...maybe kicking them gives a hint of what's inside?

Cousin Cooper

Hugs all around

the guests

the girls

Whitney's festivities in the evening with his family

What could be better than this for a cake??

Yesterday went to a church conference (550 women!) with a group
 of friends from work.
  It was one of those inspiring days where you laugh, cry,
sing and everything in between.
A great way to begin the weekend!! 



acorn hollow said...

Happy Birthday to all. It sounds like a fun time by all.

Julia said...

Wow, what a month February has been for your family and you. Lots of parties and celebrations. Great memorable photos.

You have a pretty balanced life with work, play, family time and community sharing.
Thanks for sharing with us too Donna. I always enjoy reading your post.

Katherines Corner said...

I whole month filled with happy! Happy birthday wishes to all. Hugs!

yaya said...

Those kids just keep getting cuter! Happy Birthday to everyone! Hey, Feb. is a great month to have a b-day! I've heard lots of positive comments about the gathering on Sat. Glad everyone enjoyed it!

Hope said...

Hi Donna! hope you well. what wonderful happy smiling people! i love your posts! they make me smile :) Happy birthday to all!

Michael Manning said...

Looks like a great Birthday!

His Doorkeeper said...

Donna, What a beautiful family you have! Enjoyed reading all about the kids' busy lives!

Sush said...

Sounds like you are busy and enjoying the finer things of life…family and friends! Glad to see you are out and about! I'm hopscotching blogs for a bit this evening. Sadly life is way too busy to be able to visit as often as I'd like! Babies and wedding are keeping me hopping!
Enjoy Spring…
Much love~

Deb Shucka said...

Glad to see spring is starting off so well for you. You still have possibly the cutest grandkids on the planet.

Marsha Young said...

You are sooooo right about needing "joy and humor" to navigate our days. And you do a wonderful job of it!

Hope your hip is better! Blessings to you - Marsha