Tuesday, April 8, 2014

On whole month gone already??

It seems the month of March escaped me....blogging at least.  Somehow time flies and I seem to get less done rather than more.  Priorities change though and seeing those I care about is at the top of the list.  Even that becomes hard to do sometimes.  Mike invited us to come up last week and the girls were showing us their new gymnastic skills.  They really are amazing, I think.  Bailey particularly, can do cartwheels, do splits, stand on her head etc with ease.  It was fun to watch her...them. 
Photos with Nana (me :-) the sweetest.
Then once again, it was a special birthday for one of my friends since high school/nursing school...Cindy. here at Judi's house.  (Judi even gave up her bed for us that night!!!)  We spent the night like teenagers, making pizza, eating cupcakes, watching movies and talking. 
Like a slumber party, we still just enjoy catching up and celebrating
 the small stuff.

Last week we thought we were in the process of losing Scoobie.  He had a seizure and slept for two days like he was in a coma.  He's been slipping away bit by bit for the last two years (he's 14).  He can't walk anymore (disc in his back) but we carry him around and he seems to have no pain, loves seeing us with a wagging tail, licking our hand and is thrilled when we take him anywhere.  He rallied so we put off talking about the next big step until the next health event.  He's a sweet part of our life too.  Isn't he still charming too peeking over his bed??


Becky Jerdee said...

Sweet little faces everywhere!

Rebecca said...

Sorry about Scoobie.....♥ all the "small stuff" that isn't small at all!

Kim said...

Little girls, old friends and doggie kisses - all great things. Hugs to Scoobie. Millie is 12 and starting to slow down too Sad :(

acorn hollow said...

grand girls and old friends are the best. OH I am so sorry for your poor little dog. It is so hard to lose your pets.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Donna! I have signed on the dotted line, becoming a new follower of Starkey Hollow. It will take time but I look forward to becoming acquainted with your lovely family. As I mentioned on YaYa's blog, Mrs. Shady is also a healthcare professional - a nurse practitioner hospitalist - and therefore I can relate to some extent when you discuss the challenges involved in being an O.R. nurse. I want you to know that I feel very badly about your Scoobie. I will keep him in my prayers. My Cocker Spaniel Toto died last summer at the age of 14.


Thank you once again for choosing to follow me, dear Donna. I feel like we are already friends. God bless!

Julia said...

Aww poor little Scoobie. It's so hard seeing them decline. Great pictures of the girl on your laps and you look so beautiful and healthy.

Nothing like a night over with the girl friends. Great fun...
Keep up keeping young.

Sue said...

Great to see you and catch up a little. I can't complain because I post way less often these days. But I'm glad we at least keep in touch.


Michael Manning said...

Your mention of Scoobie reminded me of a dog I once had. Bless his heart

yaya said...

I'm so late in commenting! Love the pics of the kiddos and I think the slumber party was a great idea and looks like you all had fun! Poor Scoob...I remember when we could all take a nice walk..now I'm just like him. I need somebody to carry me! (minus the doggie diaper!)

Marsha Young said...

So glad to see you looking well again. Darling grandkids, too. As for little Scoobie - what can we do? We love 'em and then we lose 'em - eventually. (Our Holly is almost 15 and we see it coming...)

Hope you are having a wonderful spring. Blessings to you ~ Marsha

Sush said...

I'm always relieved when I get the chance to visit my fav blogs and find out so many of us are finding it a challenge to blog and visit. Looks like you've been having a great time. Sending hugs and love and now that the wedding is over maybe I'll have some time to get back to blogging. But then with the eight grandkids there isn't a lot, lol!
Big Hugs~

Michael Manning said...

My best hopes are with Scoobie, who is clearly special!

Heather said...

Hi Donna! I'm Heather and I wanted to know if you would be able to answer a quick question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com I would greatly appreciate it!

Ding Dong said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Helen Keyes said...

Happy birthday to your friend. It is great that we can hold a birthday party with friends like the youth. Hope your pet to be healthy.


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