Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving for a Great Weekend

This weekend was one of extended family, friends and new friends.
I (and friend Kathy, alias Yaya) got to meet one of my favorite bloggers and wrapped up a year of her extraordinary "Pink Scarf Project".  It was Bryden's birthday too and that little guy made us all smile in a big way which capped it all off.
Bryden here helping me make Thanksgiving dessert
His masterpiece!
We were invited to spend Thanksgiving with Whitney's
grandmother and family.  It was delicious and elegant!!
The group pictures
Chelsea & Whitney (L) brother Alex & Emily (R)
Saturday, Kathy and I headed for Columbus to meet Vicki
who is a blogger and NICU nurse from Kentucky.
 She came with some of her friends who we enjoyed
meeting as well.  She is an amazing person who I knew
would be just as I imagined.  It was as if knowing someone
 always just from reading her blog.   Kathy and Vicki are here
unloading bags of handknitted pink scarves for
cancer patients.
Friends of Vicki's helping
The three of us on a beautiful fall afternoon,...
and Ohio State had just won it's football game too!
A sampling of the gorgeous scarves!!!
We begin to hand them out this week.
Then Sunday was Bryden's birthday party at our local
pizza parlor.  It was a low key party as they go but
he had a ball!!
As soon as he saw my camera, he grabbed it, took off
(all the grands seem to do this lol) and started snapping.
Here are the results which were too good not to share!!!
Opening presents..
Here's one he liked
Super hero!!
A winter hat was another...who looks better in it...Mom or...
Dad??!?  (Ha!)


acorn hollow said...

So glad to see you post. It looks a like a great time with family.

Debby said...

Good to see your post. You look great. What a wonderful project with the scarfs. so many and so beautiful.
Go Bucks.

Debby said...

P.S. Happy Birthday to Bryden

yaya said...

It was a fun afternoon and I'm glad we were able to do it together! Your Thanksgiving looks like a hit and Bryden's party looks fun too! His camera ability is much better than mine! I laughed at the angle...we must all look like that to kiddos! Happy Birthday Bryden!

Rebecca said...

How good to "see" you again - and see how Bryden has grown! time flies.

The pink scarves are so beautiful and such a thoughtful way to embrace those whose journeys have taken them down unexpected and unpleasant roads...

You've gotta love blogging friends! The few I've met in person turn out to be as you said - just like you'd come to envision and know them from their writing!

Have a blessed Christmas season (in case I don't "see" you between now and then).

Julia said...

Bryden did a great job on that cake. He must have been proud of his job.

I love the spike hair and his super hero outfit.

It must have been nice getting all together for Thanksgiving. It makes great memories and I think that family togetherness is the best.

I'm so glad that you and Yaya got together with Vicki on the pink scarf project. I can only imagine how exciting that was, meeting a fellow blogger friend.

I hope that you'll continue blogging. I really enjoy reading your family blog.

Becky Jerdee said...

Fun family! And I love the pink scarf project trip you took with Yaya, alias Kathy :)

Molly said...

Belated happy birthday to Bryden. Love his little masterpiece - it looks deliciously chocolatey

Vicki Boster said...

Oh my-- how did I miss this???
Love all the photos of your family-- such fun!

Meeting you and Kathy was so very special for me-- it was truly a blessing for me to deliver the scarves to you. God will use you to touch so many lives.

Thank you for my beautiful gift- it is priceless to me:)

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