Sunday, November 24, 2013

For Debby...

This is for my friend Debby.  She "chastised" me a few weeks ago and said, "WHY don't you post anymore,...I miss it"  to which I didn't have a good answer, except that life takes over sometimes and causes standstill and change.  (Of which there have been many lately....too many to go into here).  
So dear is the ketchup (catch-up) from July!  
My three children at Chelsea and Whitney's wedding reception in August.
You might wonder why I don't have one of Chels and Whit?
 I didn't take any...shame on me!

Bryden and Cooper at same party

Bryden at water park later in week, enjoying the sun

Bailey's 6th birthday in September with sister Emma and Cooper

Our family in their usual rough-housing positions

Cooper and dad, Tim practicing archery
at Bailey's Disney themed party

Beautiful afternoon for a party!

Having a ball...

Adorable Aunt Jamie...with a surprise for us all.
Baby Luke was born just a few weeks later.
I can't wait to meet him

The birthday girl with the cake Lori made.  Lori had such cute food
and decorations.
The girls got to make their crowns, even though it was such a windy!

Me and my boys

My sister Lynn came to visit in October on HER birthday

I can't believe I have no Halloween pics but the next set of photos in my camera
 was this weekend
Yes, I accidentally put my caps lock on but it  says how I!

Cooper and Bailey smiling on command.

Trying to get a good Christmas pic for my card.
This is the major part of my great shots...

AND  guess who was in a "mood"?

When I said they could open a stocking stuffer, it helped...a little

Any way, we got them all together...and made me very happy

 OK, Debby????


Kim said...

Seeing a new post makes a lot of us happy. You had a busy, and social, few months. Love the pics of the grands.

Julia said...

Hi sweet Donna, I'm so darn glad that you posted today. I so enjoy seeing pictures of your grandkids growing like weeds.

You are radiant and looking so healthy. I hope that you are feeling well and strong by now. I really did miss your blogging. I haven't been much of a blogger lately myself. Hopefully after Christmas I'll won't be as busy. You are right that life happens and things changes. Sometimes it's up and sometimes it's down.

I'm so glad that you have that lively Yaya by your side to cheer you on.

Oh that poor little pink scarf shows every segments I knitted because my tension changed every time I knitted a little bit. It adds a little character, lol. It was squashed in a tiny envelop and must have been all out of shape when Yaya got it. The black spots on the yarn was hidden inside the skein. I tried to wash it off but a little bit of black stain remained. I didn't had enough time to start a new one.

Big hugs & love,

Julia said...
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Julia said...

Sorry, somehow the comment appearted twice.

Cro Magnon said...

Welcome back!

Sush said...

I don't know about Debbie, but I sure was thrilled to see you back on my blog roll! Hope you are doing wonderfully well and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!
Big hugs~

yaya said...

Debby's not the only one happy to see you blogging! You did have a busy summer and winter doesn't look any slower! Love the crazy(and grumpy) grandkids pics. Mike has a lovely home, perfect for parties!

Molly said...

Donna, lovely to have you back. Love your family pictures. Life does get in the way of blogging sometimes but so what. I think that we're all getting ready for Christmas now.

Sue said...

So fun to see your family pics again!
Happy Thanksgiving!!