Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Things

It was a cool, rainy weekend, so indoor fires and cookie baking was the pick of the day.  Bryden was here while his mom was at work so we made Halloween themed cookies. Can you tell that he was in the icing?? 

Can you tell that Nana was having fun playing with the photo editing??
The scene of the crime...

Paw-Paw got in on the action too.

 Looking at the finished product...
and drooling!
Problem #1:  Dirty pants that had been spot checked a few times before, -finally came off to go in the wash before Mama came.
Problem #2:  Eating the goods.  Mama wants you to be hungry for dinner!

Some of the "goods".
Wish I'd taken a pic of this really pretty fall tree in the yard before it began losing leaves.  It shines so beautifully in the afternoon sun!
This marks the last week (+1 day) of radiation for me...only 6 more to go in phase two.  I am doing pretty well with it.  More surgery in November is phase three then medication long term is phase four.... Hallelujah!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

S'More Fall, Apples & Pumpkins

This time of year seems so pretty with all the changing colors.  Our trees seem more like mid October than the end of September.
Bryden was coming over so Paw-Paw started a fire in the fire pit.  There is nothing that I think smells so good as a fire!
He was excited to see it but immediately removed his sweater because he thought it was hot.
 We showed him how to turn the marshmallows slowly but he had his own technique.
We balanced the "bad" food with something good...apples!  Apples are so delicious this time of the year, really juicy and crisp!

Bryden soon learned that cooking marshmallows has it's pitfalls...heh...just lick it off!
Then we took a little lagging behind, -trying to keep up with a 2 1/2 year old...breathing hard!
Thanks for a fun afternoon, little guy!