Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Things

It was a cool, rainy weekend, so indoor fires and cookie baking was the pick of the day.  Bryden was here while his mom was at work so we made Halloween themed cookies. Can you tell that he was in the icing?? 

Can you tell that Nana was having fun playing with the photo editing??
The scene of the crime...

Paw-Paw got in on the action too.

 Looking at the finished product...
and drooling!
Problem #1:  Dirty pants that had been spot checked a few times before, -finally came off to go in the wash before Mama came.
Problem #2:  Eating the goods.  Mama wants you to be hungry for dinner!

Some of the "goods".
Wish I'd taken a pic of this really pretty fall tree in the yard before it began losing leaves.  It shines so beautifully in the afternoon sun!
This marks the last week (+1 day) of radiation for me...only 6 more to go in phase two.  I am doing pretty well with it.  More surgery in November is phase three then medication long term is phase four.... Hallelujah!!!


acorn hollow said...

It is always so wonderful to see you post. having a baking day with a grandbaby makes everything great.

Kim said...

Bryden enjoyed himself by the looks of it. I laughed that you washed his pants before his mom came. I'm so stuffed from dinner but now I want cookies.

Stacy Crawford said...

Good news on the recovery. Those cookies moments with kids are the best. I love the facial evidence pic. too cute!

yaya said...

Looks like such fun! It's been rainy and cold here too...tons of frost this morning! We made cookies but not the messy are brave! Your yard looks awesome in every season. Remember my bright yellow tree I loved on Luray? Miss that coming through the front window...You are on the downward slide from this crazy year. One more week...Yeah! I'm so proud of you and your strength has been an inspiration, see you soon!

becky said...

Yes, it's that time of year...up north. Before we left Des Moines, the park around a corporation was lit with hundreds of golden trees, warm in the afternoon sun.

Julia said...

Ah Donna, you are a good grandmother. That cute little fella is sure enjoying his time with Grandma decorating cookies. Mmmmm they sure look good.

I'm so glad that you are almost finished treatment and it soon will be all behind you. Another surgery in November, I opted out of that one. Hope that all will go well. I haven't missed a dose of prayers for you and Leontian. I hope that she's doing as well as you.

Hugs, JB

Molly said...

Bryden must have had a wonderful time with Grandma - so many happy memories to keep safe. Donna ,all your pictures are lovely. Brilliant that you're almost there with your treatment - the prayers are still going up and being answered. Love Molly xx

Darlene said...

Baking is such fun, isn't it? It was also great to have such a fun "helper". that Bryden is such a cutie.

So glad you are almost finished with your regimen. It will be so good for you not to have to do all that stuff anymore. Take care, my dear. You are such inspiration to all of us and we love you.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hallelujah!!! I am so happy that your are on your last week and doing so well. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and your always in my prayers.
Loved this post. I always smile when I see your pics of your days with Bryden. He looks like he is having a ball.
Hope you have a great weekend.

Sue said...

Sending lots of love your way, Donna. I'm so glad you are almost at the end of this chemo/radiation journey.