Thursday, July 26, 2012

The last couple of weeks have been full of summer activities and meeting family whenever we can between chemo treatments.  I have learned how to adjust to a schedule around work and play that is allowing us to enjoy some of the summer fun...thankfully!!  Above, is Bailey with us when we met Mike, Lori & co. for lunch after poor Emma broke her leg!  She was playing on a new "Slip & Slide" and slid one foot too far.  

After lunch, shopping, Emma & mother.

See the bright pink cast??  Too fun! 

Emma looks ready to go home for a nap but we certainly enjoyed seeing her!

Then we met my nursing school best bud, Judi (R) and her sisters, Lois (far L), then Lori, and Beth.  This group knows how to have a good time, yet are so sweet to each other! 

When we were in nursing school, we were often mistaken for each other,...or sisters....I think there is still a faint resemblance.  

But speaking of sweet sister Lynn (with our Scoobie) came to visit last week!  Every now and then she says she just has to come "look" at me.  It was a chemo week but she is great about letting me nap a lot and helping too.  Visitors shouldn't have to do that, should they??

Judi came down one evening to see her too.  Judi was Lynn's nursing school "big sis".  Yes, we ALL are nurses!  It was a good time...thanks for coming girls!!   

Then in the middle of July is my birthday...Chelsea and Larry planned a dinner at my favorite restaurant on the lake and it was one of those perfect nights. I think the "Joyeus Anniversaire" dish is given to ANYone with a celebration...ha! 

Chelsea and Whitney at dinner kept us giggling...that's the best kind of dinner!

Yes, she certainly did!  After this pic was taken, her dessert slid off the plate!


Jennifer said...

Hi Sweet Donna...hope you are feeling better and enjoying each day...Love and prayers from the Jersey Shore! Jennifer

yaya said...

You've had such great support from family and I'm so glad you were able to go and have a very special bday dinner planned by Chelsea and Larry. You look marvelous too!

Julia said...

Hi Donna, It's so nice hearing that you are making time for good times in between treatments. Having family and friends around is so very important in the healing process.

I'm sorry about poor little Emma breaking her leg while playing on the slide. Being so young, she will heal in no time but just the same, a pretty pink cast is not the most comfortable thing to wear in the summer heat.

You are still in my daily prayers for healing, you, Leontien and many more.

Until next time, take care, Hugs, JB

Debby said...

So good to hear from you. You look good. So nice to hear that you are having some fun visits.
Poor Emma. Ouch. Love the pink cast.

acorn hollow said...

Oh I am so glad to see your post poor baby with her leg in a cast.
I am so happy to see you smile and be with family.
I am sure your sister just loves being in the same house with you while you are napping.
I am keeping you in my prayers.

the letter e said...

You look great! It was nice of your sister to visit. :)

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Donna - So glad to see you "out and about" and having some fun.

Good for you! blessings to you

karen said...

What a nice birthday dinner! You look amazing, and I'm happy you're able to get out and have fun. Your poor little Emma - the pink cast is cute, but also so hot in the summer. Loved seeing the pictures of your friends and sister - how lovely to be surrounded by such great people! Belated happy birthday, by the way!

Cro Magnon said...

Hi Donna, you're looking great. Keep up the good work. Bisou, Cro.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

So happy to hear that you are finding some happy times with family and friends this summer. You look really great!

Molly said...

Lovely to read your blog post again Donna. It's so good that you're up and about. Poor little Emma, hope her leg mends soon. The pink cast is very pretty. Wishing you all the best. Love Molly xx

vicki said...

Donna- you look fabulous-- I think it does us all so good to see you out and about- visiting with friends-- smiles on your face! You are nothing short of amazing-- you are my hero!!!

Sending love-- and keeping you close in prayers--

Darlene said...

Juli looks like she definitely could be part of your family. The picture of you, your sister and Judi proves that. I can understand why some people thought you and Judi were sisters!

It was so good to come here and find your post, Donna. I hope you are feeling okay. I think it is just incredible the way you are handling your chemo and won't it be over in August sometime?

It is too bad that darling little Emma broke her leg. I must say though that the cast is pretty cute. I'll bet she is proud of it!

I'm sure you enjoyed your birthday dinner with your family. It's always nice to have family around to help you celebrate special days. Dick and I will be having our 40th wedding anniversary Aug 12 and we will be celebrating it alone! None of our family can join us. Darn!

Judi said...

Love my "wing span"! :-)
No more short sleeve shirts for me!!!

Judi said...

PS Get rid of that binkey!!

Sue said...

Glad you are getting lots of time with the family. What could be more healing than that?

You are in my prayers, Donna.



becky said...

Hi Donna,
I'm so glad to see you out and about between treatments. Chemo has been hard on you...but, one blessing is that you kept your HAIR!!! Yeah! You're looking great. And able to enjoy a little summer fun!!!
Poor Emma in the heat of summer. I can concur that casts and splints are sweaty!!
Thank you for your most kind comment on my blog quite a bit made my recovery seem not quite so lonely. I've been in therapy for three weeks and will finish in about 8 more...just in time to leave for Florida.

Katherines Corner said...

I have been thinking about you a lot lately. Sorry I have been so slow in my commenting. Happy belated birthday. I hope you got your birthday wish. Hugs my bloggy friend, big HUGS!

rosaria williams said...

So good to see you are having great times with your family and friends. Happy Birthday, Donna.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Donna I think of you every day and pray that your doing good.
I am so sorry I missed your Birthday. Happy Belated Birthday!
These pic's are so wonderful. I just love your beautiful family photo's.
My computer is not working right so I have not been blogging much at all.
Just wanted to come by and say I think of you and love you.