Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our coaches

The coaches in our family are back in season!  Tim has been a long time cross country coach in a Columbus high school and really enjoys it!  He had a meet in our little town this last weekend so we watched his team run which is always a thrill for us.  
There is an intensity before a meet that is palpable and you can see it here where they are all stretching and receiving their tag numbers for racing.

I watched the three coaches on the team confer before the race and as it started, got the same old feeling of anxiety and pride that I used to when I watched my children run. 

There they go......they did well and went home with a big trophy!!
Chelsea is new to the coaching a seventh grade girl's volleyball team!

Again, it's fun to watch the games and see all the work and effort put into these sports.  Wasn't it just yesterday that she was on this team??

She is ever patient and kind in dealing with these young girls, has taken 3 classes and is always studying to find new strategies.

Good luck to both teams this season...I'm your biggest fan!!!!
~And last but not least, a fun pic of Bryden this week that makes me smile...I can't be in the kitchen but that he is pulling on my leg.  Soon he is on a stool wanting to "stir" too.  Then he has to try it...sometimes warily, but mostly nodding "mmm!"  Ha!


Jennifer said...

how great that your kids work with youth in sports. Sports provide character building and teach so many lessons! Glad to know your family is training the next generation.
Glad you had some time w Bryden too.

Julia said...

Your daughter looks so much like you, very pretty. It's nice that she loves to coach. You've done a great job raising your children and you deserves to have these proud moments to enjoy all over again. Hugs, JB

yaya said...

It was so hot on Sat. and I'm sure it was a hard day for Tim's team...congrats on the win! Chelsea looks great coaching! And you're right, it was only yesterday she was on the team...sigh...

Darlene said...

Congratulations to Tim and Chelsea. They are doing such important work. You deserve to be very proud of them. Our kids need good teachers, and coaches are so important. They give our kids much needed lessons in sportsmanship, character building, and how to have good clean fun.

I also loved the picture of Bryden. He is so darling and I think it's terrific that he likes to be in the kitchen "helping" Grandma all the time. He will learn some great lessons from you, I am sure.

It was nice to hear about you again. I've missed reading your posts.

Sush said...

Oh I love when our children pick up the torch and are the next generation of coaches for youth teams. Ours are doing that as well. I enjoy youth sports even more than college or pro levels.
Congrats on raising giving children...


Wanda..... said...

No coaches in our family, but we know the importance of them, my 17 year old grandson Nick is the captain of his high school soccer team and his coaches are admired. Hope Tim and Chelsea have great seasons. Help in the kitchen, from grandkids, is the best kind.

karen said...

It's fun when your kids go from playing on the team to coaching it. I love to see how good they are with the kids. And your little Bryden is adorable!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Donna honey as always I love my visit to your place.
I think its wonderful that your children are teachers and coaches. Leading the youth today is such a commendable profession. Tell them thank you from me.
Of course I love your photo of Bryden....what a cutie. Love that you get to spend such good times with him.
I am a tad jealous but so happy for you

Stacy Crawford said...

How fun to see Chelsea coaching some of my last year's class. :)

Good luck coaches!

Mrs Catch said...

Sport is a huge part of our family. I'm smiling here, wondering if my guys will be back one day like yours.

Love that little Bryden's smile. He'll be a star cook one day, thanks to you.

Karen Whittal said...

Obviously you were a great mom, teaching our children to give something back to others is one of the biggest blessings we can give them