Friday, September 10, 2010

Sure Signs of Fall

I have just been loving the first signs of fall!! There are trees outside our front door that are starting to turn color just a smidge. I have also been playing with Photoshop and enjoyed enhancing pictures I have taken. It's like morphing them into grown up pictures, here are some of my first attempts. This is the walk up to our front door...

The first puddles of falling leaves are on the sidewalk...

When the weather starts to change, every year I enjoy getting out table decorations to match the season and it puts the house in the mood. When the kids were little, they really noticed and commented.
The pumpkins go from Fall with leaves , to Halloween adding goblins, to Thanksgiving adding Pilgrims!
In the den, I get out blankets to cozy up with while reading or watching TV. Even the dogs like to curl up!
In the bedroom, I get out heavier bed linens and leave the windows open at night....ahhhh!

But the real sign of Fall is getting out beloved sweaters. Here is my favorite that Karen made baby grandson Bryden. Looking forward to Fall stroller walks!


lakeviewer said...

Yes, stunning! I love fall, in all its splendor.

yaya said...

Your place always looks beautiful in every season! So does your is so inviting and feels like a big hug when you go in! I too love fall and seeing all the changes and feeling that cooler weather is heaven! Aren't you the smartie with using photoshop! Nice job!

Sue said...

I, too, love the Fall. It's my favorite season, and it looks like you do it up right at your house!


PS. I also love my fall candles. Yummy.

Donna said...

HG Donna,
I love fall, too! Especially after our hot and humid summer. Your vine covered home is just amazing! Gorgeous! And I like you fall decor. I just realized that I really don't have any "fall-ish" accessories myself, guess I need to get busy and create some :)

Henley on the Horn said...

What beautiful photos! I wish it was cold enough to use blankets here! If it weren't so expensive to cool this house, we'd turn down the air conditioning just to have a chance to snuggle under warm blankets! Ha! Enjoy those PRECIOUS grandbabies!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful Donna...I love all your photos...especially the 'puddle of falling leaves'. Great table decorations...they make such a difference to a day, don't you think? Nothing like coming home to a welcoming atmosphere.....and your chair!!! I would love to have that chair, every night would be movie night for me :)

Sweater weather and a beautiful baby will treasure that photo, it is just beautiful Donna :)

I also want to send a special thank you your way for your very kind birthday wishes. They were most sincerely appreciated :)

Jeanne xx

Wanda..... said...

I agree the coziness of the home with throws and candles makes fall and winter special. Your post reminds me of everything I love about fall. The photo of Bryden in the light is beautiful!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Love this post and how you change your beautiful home for the seasons. Made me want to just sit down and enjoy all your lovely pieces and decorations.
Your pictures of the leaves changing are really pretty. I guess I need to try that and see if could have any luck with my pictures.
Of course while I was here I had to catch up with your other post.
Honey your family pictures are so lovely and especially of your precious grandbabies.
I have a Bailey too and he is growing up way to fast for me.
Thanks for the sweet comment and I appreciate your prayers