Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend...Part 1 of 2

Today was Bailey's third birthday's hard to believe she is three already!!

Her favorite color is blue, can you tell?

-And what can be better than having a couple of grandchildren together in one place?

Having all four there!! ...Smiling would have been good, but I was just glad to have a pic where no one was crying. (from left Emma, Bailey, Cooper and below-Bryden)

Aunt Jaime and the birthday girl....

Jaime is glowing because she is a new bride. Here, she and Mike are telling stories about the wedding.
Aunt Joni and Bryden...

Friend Anne and Emma, just up from a nap

the newly weds, Jaime and John

with Emma....

and last but not least with Mama Lori

In the evening we went to our friends, the Kistes for the annual "bring a friend-Labor Day Party"! It just doesn't feel like Labor Day until you have been to this picnic. Every year it grows a little, -every one brings a dish so it's fun and food!!!

A few pics....
Kip's old cardboard-college friend and two dear ones, Peg & Sue.
Chelsea, Brant and Bryden

Kip & Debby's adorable grandaughter, Emily!

Ann, Joyce and Rosemary playing with Bryden. It was a great end to the summer of 2010. Family, Friends and Fun.....hope you had the same!!!

Happy Birthday sweet Bailey!!!! ( I was holding Bryden while videoing...he squirmed at the end)


yaya said...

Hi! Just got home from our Labor day trip to see Craig and family for his birthday on Saturday. Will post that in a bit. Looks like a fun weekend for you guys. Happy Birthday to Bailey! I can't believe she's 3! I remember taking my Mom to Kiste's picnic a few years back and how much fun we had...and it's great that Tim could have the meet in Ashland! He's so cute too...and you with the go Mom! I didn't know that the horticulture dept. had a nice area like that. I need to get out in my own town more I guess...Happy (no)Labor day!

lakeviewer said...

What a lovely family album all collecting for Bailey's birthday. Happy Birthday little lady!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

What an awesome celebration! You have a beautiful family!

Blue said...

Bailey's got good taste in colors! ;-)

Blue said...

oh, I just saw a comment by Alyson...I'd been wondering how you found me. Isn't she darling?! ♥