Friday, July 16, 2010

Bryden's light bulb went on!

This little guy has figured out in the last two weeks how to crawl, pull himself up and stand. I think he is just amazing!! OK, maybe all babies do it, but when he figured out how to be mobile...zoom....things really progressed! So much fun to watch.

Last week, he figured out how to sit was so funny! He would be lying on his stomach and suddenly put one arm under under him like he was going to do a push-up. Then he would flip his body over and sit!! (-So proud of himself!) Looks at those little feet....I could just eat him up!!

He has found all sorts of new things that he hasn't seen before...or at least wasn't able to reach.
Then, he crawls over and pulls himself up and walks around the furniture. I just shake my head.
See how steady he is on his feet? ....One foot! Look out world!!

Then mama came home and was she glad to see him!

and vice versa.

Fun over.....time to be a baby again!


yaya said...

Wow, now it's going to be alot more work keeping an eye on that little guy! He's adorable and they leave that baby stage so quickly you can't even blink!

L. P. said...

He is so sweet. Can't believe he's doing all that already. Wasn't he just born?!!!