Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Weekend - Part 2

This is the first face we saw starting the patriotic holiday! Kathy brought over goodies to share knowing we have a house full of company this weekend. Blueberry stuffed french toast and feta stuffed phyllo triangles...YUM!!!! They were delicious!!!
Tim & Joni came and ran in the Balloonfest 5K...Tim came in first in his age category...good going Tim!!

Joni ran too and took the time to wave to favorite son Cooper.

We went home and continued birthday month with a few things left for Cooper...

He turned into "Cooperman"!!...or Super Cooper, take your pick.

Then, meanwhile G-pa blew up his pool with the "help" of Tim, Joni and Scott.

We celebrated Tim/Mike's BD this week too...

This is the face of a busy boy!!

Aunt Chelsea's gift next...playdoh!!

Making a nose with Momma...

A sleepy Bryden came later in the day.

and Cooper had a cousin kiss for him!

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yaya said...

Holy Cow! I scared myself in that first pic...I'll blame it on early morning but we both know I look the same in the evening...tragic..anyhow, I do hope the food was good as I had never made it before..It wouldn't hurt my feelings if you didn't like it...really! I love ya too much for that! The kiddos looked great and the pool looked fun..don't you wish you could go in too?