Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mother Earth Gives Birth!!!!

Meet our new grandson.... Below is Chelsea's baby picture when she was born....see what you think later...
P.S. Brant's parents think the new baby looks just like his baby pics!!! lol...maybe a bit of both.

First home pic

This was how I found Chelsea when she called me Friday morning, December 4th at 1:11am. She was sitting in the nursery rocking because it felt good. We waited until 5 am to go to the hospital when she was having pains about 4 minutes apart.
Here she is after a LOONNGG day of labor and a wonderful epidural (thanks Dr. Steinhouser!!!) with Brant's parents...waiting.
Finally, at 3:44 a.m on December 5th...weighing in at 7 lb 10 oz and 20" Mr. Bryden Andrew Bolen! This is just moments after can see how pink Chelsea's cheeks are yet from it all! Welcome to the world, baby boy!!!

It was an amazing event that Becca and I witnessed and were a part of. A special thanks to Dr. Shikary and the Samaritan nurses for fabulous care!!!
Bryden here with the baby nurse...(sorry pics are dark...we didn't want the flash in his eyes)

...and with his new mommy...

meeting his new Grandpa Bob...

and Grandad Larry.

Planning camping trips in the "Scottys". (Bob and Becca have 3 grandaughters...this is the first grandson)
Sharing the joy with "Mi-mi" Becca.

Sending pictures to Brant stationed in South Carolina. (on the phone all day and texting w Chelsea in between contractions) He is hopefully coming home December 16th, his birthday, to stay until January 2nd.

What a cutie!!

So sweet!!

Happy grandfathers....
and grandmothers....
Videos of sweet moments....(when Chelsea says "I hate that was the blood pressure cuff that had been squeezing her arm off and annoying her...ha!)

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yaya said...

He's soooo cute Donna and Chelsea! Holy Cow, I remember when Chelsea was born (I was there) and now she's a Momma. Don't I sound like an old person? Well, I'm not sure who he looks like yet...give it some time! Looks like Larry is happy! How great that you and Becca got to both be there. Congrats to everyone!