Saturday, October 31, 2009


Bailey went "Trick or Treating " tonight in Cleveland as a...CUPCAKE!!! Her mother thinks she looks good enough to eat!!

Aunt Jamie primped for her so she was ready to go...

The neighborhood was all ready for the evening complete with many decorations and scary music from the house across the street!

We walked with her and it was like a home tour seeing the many cute houses with so much character in the area.

The group handing out candy back on the ranch...Larry, Mike, and Bailey's other grandparents, Jim & Becky.
Bailey quickly caught onto the art of putting out her bag and looking for houses with lights on.
Daddy joined us for the second half of the block.

Getting darker and colder but having the time of her life!
...just a few more....

...time to go home!

..."let me tell you about the great time I had!"

-the fruit of her labors...ummmm!!!


yaya said...

What a cute costume! She looks like she had a blast. Those houses look like Samaritan or Morgan ave. homes. Make me miss our walks..boohoo...Glad you had a fun Halloween!

L. P. said...

How adorable. What a cute neighborhood they live in. I agree with yaya and it makes me homesick:(

Phil and Amanda said...

She is too cute for words!