Monday, June 2, 2008

Wedding weekend, babysitting...

This weekend was "Wedding Weekend"...all the kids were in weddings, -in different cities! The guys were in a wedding in Chagrin Falls, while Chelsea was in one in Bellville. They solved the dilema of which wedding we should attend by asking us to babysit Cooper. We were happy to do so... and very tired at the end of the day. The first picture is of Bailey in her summer hat sent by Mike & Lori. The rest are of Cooper and our weekend entertaining!

Two short videos (somehow we erased most of it...we don't even know how!!??) of Cooper, one getting his teeth brushed (he is getting 6!) and the second while eating, ....of his dimples!!

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yaya said...

Of course Baily is the height of fashion and looking beautiful. She should enter contests! She might have to fight Cooper for the cutest baby award though. I love the dark eyes and curls!(Hmmm...I wonder why?)