Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bailey gets a new toy!

Mike and Larry went fishing on Lake Erie today and Bailey is telling that the fish that her daddy caught was......THIS BIG!
Bailey finally has enough hair to put a bow into!!! Grandpa tells her how pretty it looks!

Bailey has figured out how to climb the steps...with a little help! Wow! BIG Girl!!

She has learned to stand and claps for herself too!

She has squeeky shoes which are mighty's fun to hear every step you take!

Bailey loves to hear her parents read her books and can turn the pages. She just woke up from her nap here,...cheeks still pink from sleep.


Gramma said...

What a cutie! They're going to be chasing her all over very shortly. I love the "drunken sailor" stagger:)

yaya said...

I love the bow, I know that has to be your fav thing too Donna! She will be off and running in no time.