Tuesday, April 8, 2014

On whole month gone already??

It seems the month of March escaped me....blogging at least.  Somehow time flies and I seem to get less done rather than more.  Priorities change though and seeing those I care about is at the top of the list.  Even that becomes hard to do sometimes.  Mike invited us to come up last week and the girls were showing us their new gymnastic skills.  They really are amazing, I think.  Bailey particularly, can do cartwheels, do splits, stand on her head etc with ease.  It was fun to watch her...them. 
Photos with Nana (me :-) the sweetest.
Then once again, it was a special birthday for one of my friends since high school/nursing school...Cindy. here at Judi's house.  (Judi even gave up her bed for us that night!!!)  We spent the night like teenagers, making pizza, eating cupcakes, watching movies and talking. 
Like a slumber party, we still just enjoy catching up and celebrating
 the small stuff.

Last week we thought we were in the process of losing Scoobie.  He had a seizure and slept for two days like he was in a coma.  He's been slipping away bit by bit for the last two years (he's 14).  He can't walk anymore (disc in his back) but we carry him around and he seems to have no pain, loves seeing us with a wagging tail, licking our hand and is thrilled when we take him anywhere.  He rallied so we put off talking about the next big step until the next health event.  He's a sweet part of our life too.  Isn't he still charming too peeking over his bed??