Sunday, December 15, 2013

I Hear the Belles of Christmas....

One of my very favorite things to do this time of the year is to wrap gifts!  It's like a great fun thing since there are many to do and I love to be in my little "elfdom" (...basement, lol) creating bows.

 Our Church musical started our day off in such a beautiful way.  It's always so pretty to hear the choir sing Christmas hymns, and this year they were extraordinarily beautiful!!   
We left from church directly for Mike and Lori's seeing more snow all the way north.

Once we got to their house we admired how Mike put a wreath on the palladium window above the front door...yikes!  But so pretty!!  The girls were cute as can be and gave us a tour of their trees...

  I walked in and said "Hi, Little Miss Curls...."  She said dryly, "My name is Emma."

Miss Curls

Lori decorated with the cutest elves you ever saw!  It looks adorable.

The trees in other parts of the house and Bailey's masterpiece...the Santa she made in school!

We always end up taking pictures to document the years and how the children have grown.
I love these photos and Lori took some of ours from past years to put in small frames
to decorate one tree with.  Such memories!....and so will these be.


yaya said...

Their home looks lovely and those girls are adorable! You know how I love curls! Enjoy the bow making..yours are always the best! It's fun to see how much the girls have grown!

Julia said...

What a lovely family and the family pictures looks so Christmassy. The house looks very festive too.

Your bows are so gorgeous. I have such a difficulty making bows that my wrapped gifts are usually very plain.

I probably would call Emma, Goldielock, she is so pretty with those long curls.


acorn hollow said...

A lovely family and wonderful pictures.
Merry Christmas.

Becky Jerdee said...

Beautiful all the way around :)

Sue said...

What a darling family, and all that snow is pure Christmas!


Molly said...

Their house looks wonderful. The wreath does look a long way up - glad Mike was sure-footed. Love all your family pictures, Donna. Miss Curls is a very beautiful young lady.

Michael Manning said...

All wonderful photos of Christmas Cheer and enjoyable. Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

Hope said...

awesome bows! a very festive post and the family photo's are always a treasure to see. thank you! hope you are well. Hope

Deb Shucka said...

Gorgeous family. Gorgeous pics. What a happy post! Merry Christmas!