Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Birthday weekend.

The light house in of my favorite places.
 My birthday is ALWAYS on the hottest day of the year!  This year was no exception.  I love it though partly because of that and all the fun things you can do in the summer. We decided to take an adventure trip to Vermillion, a cute little town on the lake (Erie).  A few more adventures were with friends who blog too...Kathy's blog or Judi's blog if you want to read more.  The weekend was full of memories that made for a great time!
Dessert from my favorite French restaurant...mmmm!
The beach there.

The next day...went with three friends (l. Shay, me, Kathy, Becky)  to a "ghost hunt"...

at Malabar Farm. 

A story teller told some history of the farm that included murders and ghosts. 
It lasted until 1a.m. and was really fascinating.

The sunset was one of those that make you want to melt and
really added to the evening's charm.

We had s'mores and hot dogs...yum!

Then more mundane happenings on the home front...

Baby birds born in our bird "church" have been so much fun to watch.

We have been watching the parents go in and out for weeks making the nest,
then knew when the babies were born because mom was carrying food
home.  The cheeping is adorable.+

They carry this stuff out periodically too.  I don't even want to know...

I think his feathers on his head are like big eyebrows...they make me smile.
Like everything this weekend.


yaya said...

What a great weekend and I'm glad I was a little part of it! I need to go to that cute town. I went years ago...time to go back! I love those sweet baby birds...They have Dr. L's eyebrows! Ha! Happy birthday!

Cro Magnon said...

Belated happy birthday (mine was on the 22nd).

Baby birds are such fun to watch; I could do it all day. Cro xx

Becky Jerdee said...

So great to have such great friends, eh?

Julia said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Donna, I'm so glad that you had a lot of fun and that desert looks spectaculr.

What fun you girls must have had at the ghost hunt. I love the great photos you took of the little birds and their mama. I find birds difficult to get to pose for me but yours seems to love to pose, lol.

Have a great weekend.

Debby said...

Happy Birthday and you look great.
I have heard of that farm. Don't they sell Christmas trees there.
Want to hear more about the ghosts when you have time.

karen said...

I love to watch birds - we have many different kinds at my house ranging from hummingbirds to the occasional egret who swoops in from the riverbed to find lizards.
Your trip looked like it was so much fun with your friends. And how could you NOT laugh if you're with Kathy? Would have liked to have been on that ghost hunt with you. I probably would have held onto you the whole time though.