Sunday, March 18, 2012


 All of my family has Irish blood running through their veins...except for me.  Nonetheless on St. Patrick's Day you will find me dressed in green too, -out of loyalty.....and fun!  My mother-in-law's maiden name was McGilton and I always thought she even looked Irish, petite, reddish hair....
When Chelsea called yesterday morning and invited us for breakfast, it was fun to see green pancakes on the plates.
This little leprechaun above hadn't visited my house all week so it was great that he could come home with me and we could play outside.  The weather has been spectacular all week, but I can't help but feel we may be paying for it somehow in either snow soon or a super HOT summer!
I found a "bubble" machine on sale and had to get it.  It blows lots and lots of bubbles and even I was enchanted with it.
Bryden quickly learned the art of pulling the trigger.
The flowers that come out at my house in late April are blooming pretty.
Again...hope they don't get blitzed by cold weather, hmmm, Mother Nature. It stormed like the devil an hour ago!
Another sure sign of spring is that the Hibiscus trees are for sale at Sam's Club.  I'll cover it if I have to but I sure love to look at it...especially as it draws humming birds in June. 
Even Scoobie gets into the Irish spirit on St' Patty's Day!!  They gave him a green scarf at the Pet store!!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Green pancakes. How funny! Only way I could do those is with grand babies. lol
Your darling is having a blast with the bubble machine. Isn't it wonderful to watch them have so much fun.
OMG your flowers are beautiful. How I wish I had some that came back every year. I keep saying I going to plant bulbs so I can enjoy the beauty early.
Hope your well and that you have a wonderful week

karen said...

Your crocuses are beautiful! There's nothing like spring bulbs for spring color in the garden. Bubbles and Bryden - sounds like an afternoon of fun to me!

Hilary said...

Sounds like a fine way to spend the day.. green pancakes and all. The weather has been just amazing. We were spoiled this winter and are being treated royally this month (so far).

Cro Magnon said...

Lovely early flowers. Still a bit slow here, but our plum blossom is out, and looking magnificent.

Sue said...

The flowers all look so pretty.

Green pancakes? Not so much!


becky said...

Yes, lots of green going on...the plants must be hopelessly confused.

Julia said...

Hi there Donna, Happy Belated St Patrick's Day.
I can go for green pancakes but I don't know about green egg and ham on St Patrick's Day though. How nice to celebrate with your family.

I love the bubble machine. I used to blow bubbles with my grandkids too. It was as much fun for me as for them. I even got to blow giant bubbles.I bought a bubble machine for James bath this past Christmas. It sticks to the side of the tub.

How wonderful to see green leaves, daffodils and crocuses blooming. My daffodils are up by the corner of the house in the back. They have a sheltered spot and there are some buds on some of them. No blooms yet.

Scoobie looks handsome with his green ribbon.
Hugs, JB

Rebecca said...

What beautiful colors are in and around your house. And what a darling to share green green pancakes with!

yaya said...

It started out so pretty yesterday and the storms did dampen our try at walking! Bryden looks very happy with the bubbles and your flowers look lovely..and like mine, out way too early!

Debby said...

Hi Donna. I read your post on Maggie's blog. So sorry. I will say some prayers for you. I am a survivor but of a different type. Anytime you need to talk 740-587-1922.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Donna honey I came over tonight to see if I could find your email address but could not.
If you don't mind please write me at so we can visit.
Sending all my love to you

Jennifer said...

We enjoyed creme de menthe milk shakes for st patty's day!

Cant wait for Mad Men! ..I'll be thinking of you Sunday...Don is charming. Hope they get back together! Jen

Darlene said...

Scoobie looks great with his green collar. How I do love the beautiful flowers in your neck of the woods. They look gorgeous and I hope nothing happens to them with our crazy weather!

Don't you just love making bubbles? I still love to see them even though I'm almost 85! So neat that you and Bryden got to play with the bubble machine.

Nezzy said...

I just adore your little bubble blowin' fella there. Priceless!!!

Your spring blooms are wonderful, yep I sure hope Mother Nature doesn't bite us this year!

Have an awesomely blessed weekend sweetie!!! :o)

Kim said...

I am sending you lots of hugs and prayers right now. And a little Irish luck thrown in too.