Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 Are there times that you think doom hangs over your head?? (It does over mine lately). After last summer when Larry fixed the washed out bridge and repaired a lot of erosion that had occurred over years, we sighed thinking that things would remain that way for a long time.  Wrong.
 Yesterday we had rain almost all day, but when exactly all this damage occurred is a mystery.  It was dark when I left this morning for work and I did a big double take when I got home!
You can see in the above header picture of the grandchildren that things were good last September so this is going to be a big project again.  -sigh-
 If you put a few years in between repairs....it can be worth it, but too often is a real pain!  We have always loved living by the creek but this just isn't fun.
 Double Yuck!

At least Larry's little bridge survived, he and Bryden built it.  He was proud it survived....almost makes one want to laugh.  No, really I'm shaking my head, how does that happen??


yaya said...

I just blogged about our crazy weather too! I'm really sorry about the creek. Wow, that's alot of damage. But it rained giant buckets and we did have a tornado warning too...just too much for your yard. I hope it can get fixed without too much hard effort..but then again, the pics sure don't lie..sorry! If you need help, just call..

Kerri said...

That Yaya sure seems like a great friend to have! ;) Sorry about your creek damage. My husband has always wished to have a creek in our backyard.

Wanda..... said...

I see what you mean by your comment at Delwyn's blog, Donna...as her poem being meant for you today!!!

The force of nature is scary.

karen said...

Weird what stands and what falls, huh? Sorry for the damage but I still think it would be nice to live by your creek. It sounded like you had some wild weather!

Julie G. said...

Oh dear ... too bad about the creek erosion. Extreme weather causes all kinds of problems. I guess it's back to the drawing board for future repairs. Even though there is work ahead, I imagine it must be lovely having a creek run through your property.

Also, a very gracious thank you for the kind remarks left on my blog post. Much appreciated!

Sush said...

Awwww Mother Nature needs to be kinder and gentler I believe. So sorry...sometimes it is just simply two steps forward twenty steps back.

Cro Magnon said...

Oh dear! Unwanted work-load. Looks like another weekend spent with your feet in the water. Just so you don't feel alone, I spent last weekend digging a ditch for new pipes; again a totally unwanted task.

becky said...

oh my, and just when Grandpa finished changing a diaper...he really doesn't deserve this.

Delwyn said...

Hi Donna

calamities and resilience!
Do you live on an acreage Donna?
or a farm?

I hope tomorrow is better...
happy Days

Sue said...

It must be wonderful living by a creek, but it seems every upside has to have its downside.

Ah well. This too shall pass...with a lot of hard work, I suspect!


Julia said...

Sorry about the damaged retaining wall for your creek. I think that maybe you'll have to do some engineer research on how best to make it more stable.

Rain can do so much erosion. I hope that you don't loose your beautiful creek. JB

Molly said...

Oh no! All that work to put it right again.

Darlene said...

What a sad state of affairs. Your poor yard really did suffer. That was really a bad storm. The creek did get messed up. Hope it can be restored without too much trouble, but looks like it will be a lot of hard work.

Darlene said...

What a sad state of affairs. Your poor yard really did suffer. That was really a bad storm. The creek did get messed up. Hope it can be restored without too much trouble, but looks like it will be a lot of hard work.

Nezzy said...

Awwww, weather can sure do allot of damage for sure!!! So sorry about the damage 'round your little footbridge. The 'force of nature' has a mind of her own.

God bless and may you have a delightful weekend sweetie!!! :o)

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Wow - now that was some nasty looking mess!

Hope all is well again.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh Donna honey I am so sorry to see such damage left my all the rains.
Your creek must have had a lot of water rushing through it. Isn't it something how the little one stayed in tack.
I have missed coming by here to check on you. I am trying my best to get back into visiting my wonderful friends.
Donna thank you so much for your sweet comments and prayers for me and Christi. I can't tell you how much they mean to us.
God really blessed me with having you as a friend.
I love ya

Nezzy said...

I just wanted to pop in and wish you a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving sweetie and invite you to enter my giveaway.

God bless ya! :o)

Bernard said...

I reckon the problem you are having here is that the channel is just too narrow.
If it was wider the stream would flow more slowly. All crossing points on rivers, were made (usually on horseback) at the widest and therefore the shallowest and hence with the slowest flow.
By forcing the flow into a narrow channel, it has to speed up to get the water through. A lot of work I guess to make it wider, but even a few feet would improve things no end.