Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Brings...?

 Yesterday at 5 am, Scoobie woke me when thunder started.  I thought, "Ohhh, I'd better put him out quick before it starts raining or he won't go!"  So I rushed him out successfully before a deluge.  This town creek runs through our yard and it usually just has a trickle of water running at all times.   It's fun to watch in a rain because it can overflow it's banks when it rains hard.  You wouldn't want children or animals near it because it runs fast when it's like this!
Here it is hitting our small foot bridge that now needs to be repaired following this rain.  Then about 4pm, I had a doctor's appointment and it started raining again.  Then it turned to hail, first small pea sized, graduating to golf ball sized!  I called my husband to ask if I should go back home afraid the car would be dented!  I couldn't even hear him!  Yaya at Whispering Pines said she was at WalMart at the same time and that the sound there was deafening.  She said it appeared the weather may have caused some mishap on 71 (superhighway) because the traffic in both directions was as far back for miles as the eye could see and that law enforcement was not allowing traffic on. 
I went to the doctors anyway and got hit by stinging ice balls...yuck!  Most dismal of all is that it's supposed to rain for the next 5 days!

At least it's very green out!

So dispite the crummy weather, the mailman came anyway!  He brought this wonderful package!  I won from Seventh Smith's Fabulous Friday Freebies these cute outfits for our grand daughters! (actually I won one and purchased the other).  They are pillow case tops with pants. Each Friday, Mandy at Seventh Smith features one or two websites that have the cutest items for giveaways.  I've won tutus here for the girls too.  You might want to pop over and look.  Mandy's blog  is fun to follow because she is soon due with her sixth baby!  All her children are beautiful!!
Her children are often models for fashions like the ones I won.  Good luck Mandy with the new baby!! I can't wait for Bailey and Emma to try these on!!


Stacy Crawford said...

Can you believe the 2 hr delay in May! Wicked weather this year! I love the grandbaby outfits they are way cute.

Anonymous said...

How's the weather? We had several heavy showers recently and a deluge of hailstones a couple of weeks ago, but on the whole the weather has stayed fine, especially for those days when we've had family celebrations.
Hope you manage to repair the bridge soon - your area looks so picturesque.

Kerri said...

We've been getting a ton of rain too...but not nearly as much as you!

Your pillow case outfits are soooooo cute!! I hope we get to see the girls in them! ;)

Evie's Story said...

Man those are SO stinkin CUTE!! YOu definitely need to post pictures of the girls wearing them. You know I LOVE matching sisters!:)
Thanks for the shout out friend.
Oh, did you see? I posted FB pictures of the kids in all the nursing garb. YOu are too cute. They played "hospital" for hours and used blanket and tape to make casts for legs and took a dozen of Evie's old syringes to play medicine with. Too funny!