Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas, Children and Critters!!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...were children!!
Every year as we go to bed on Christmas, we critique the day....and every year we say that it was the best one ever.  This year, we said that again.  With 2 -3 year olds and 2 babies in  the house, it was so much fun! We ate, played, went to church together trying not to forget the reason for the season...but the little ones were sooo anxious to open their gifts!   The best line of the day was Cooper asking "can you find my name"? (on a package)  Bailey, much more quietly asked "do you see my name too?"  When the answer was "yes", her eyebrows went up, eyes got big and she pointed to herself and grinned....adorable!!! Ha! Oh, the joys of grandparenthood!!!
 But about the not a creature was stirring thing....
Today, after we went to see Larry's parents, we came back into the house and I was shocked to see things scattered all over the house. I thought I was hallucinating couldn't figure it out...until I saw something move, jump up on the window sill and saw that it was a rodent squirrel!! I screamed for Larry to come but Scoobie came to my rescue first.  He chased it making things worse and I was still screaming. Larry finally came yelling "what??!!??" I opened the door while he scooted the poor thing towards it with a broom and he finally saw the escape route running out. Phew!  The worst part is, we don't know how he got in!  We think it was there all night? When the kids packed gifts out to their cars and left doors open?  Or came down the chimneys?  Scarey thoughts!!  It took me a while to clean it all up,....but all is well now.

Below...Mike and Lori, with Emma and Bailey
 Tim and Joni with Cooper
 Chelsea and Brant with Bryden
 Here are collages of pictures that made up our day...
 Lots of hugs all around...
 Santa hats and superheros...
 Fun with babies...
 Bottom computer pic..Tim showing kids Norad on  Shows Santa's location at the moment.  They loved it!
 and last but not least ~ our ornery children!
In the end....Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!! 


rosaria said...


Catch the Kids said...

What a lovely family. That's the best gift of all right?!! Glad you had a wonderful day.

yaya said...

That squirrel just wanted some of that holiday fun! Or he knew where he could find a house full of nuts! HaHaHa..just kidding! Looks like a great day was had and you're family is so cute and fun...Merry Christmas my Friend!

L. P. said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Loved all the pictures. Almost like being there!
Miss you guys.

Oh, we had a squirrel in our house once too. Jay and Lindsay caught it in a net while Laurie and I were screaming in the kitchen:)

Dana and Daisy said...

Oh my! I have not had that pleasure of wild life running amuck in the house! However, my grandbaby is coming over tonight! She has grandparents spread out from the gulf of Mexico to the Plains of Oklahoma! So she is ready for one of Grandma's famous hamburgers, no more turkey! lol!

Thanks for visiting!
Love, Dana and Daisy

River-Rose said...

Sounds like a beautiful Christmas, full of excitement! Hope your New Year is just as wonderful, minus the rodent, of course! xoxo

Crawford Family said...

Wow what a day with a squirrel chaser now funny! That will definately be a memory for the years to come. Glad you had a beautiful day.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Looks like you had such a sweet Christmas with a houseful of little ones. I agree, it's the children that make Christmas so much fun. I delighted in my 3 year old granddaughter's joy this year.

Hope the merriment lasts all week,

Jeanne said...

Ah yes, this is what I was waiting for Donna...I knew you would have this wonderful collection of family photos. Pure joy! Glad you managed to rid yourself of the squirrel. I recall a family of racoons getting into our house when I was a girl with my mother on the kitchen table holding a broom. It is a helpless feeling but so glad that all went well for you in the end.

Best wishes for a glorious New Year Donna...I have so enjoyed our little chats and look forward to many more :)

Jeanne xxx

Karen Whittal said...

What a great Christmas, it is always great when families get together for Christmas

Hope said...

A squirrel! sounds like that was exciting!
what a wonderful family you have and grandkids make it all right!

love your post!

Jennifer said...

Hi Donna! God has blessed us both so much this year...I love seeing you and the grandkids sharing so much love...we are blessed to be close to our kids and seeing the joy they have in their children.
May 2011 hold many wonderful we get to be grandmoms...
You are right the plaids match...didnt even notice that!
Blessings to all of you!
Jennifer aka gigi

acorn hollow said...

the pictures are so sweet. the squirrl thing happened to me in the summer. only the dog caught it! and it was not pretty.

Kerri said...

Love how you wrote your post Donna...too cute! What a good looking family you have!
That kissing picture is too cute...hope it gets a frame!
Your story about the tree and your neighbors is really funny! We thought someone picked up our tree already at the curb...and then last night my husband said, come look at this....and he pointed out the window and there was our tree in our neighbors front yard covered with snow!
Have a great day!

bevy said...

Wonderful Christmas post... and how blessed to have all of your children and grands with you!

Blondie's Journal said... looks like you had an awesome Christmas, squirrel and all! I love your family pictures!

Thank you always for your kind comments. You really bring a smile to my face!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Donna oh my a squirrel in your house. I would of been just like you screaming and really loud. lol
Your so right the joys of being a grandparent.
The way you did your pictures are this post is really neat. Your grandbabies are adorable. Love the one of your children. Your sons are very handsome and your daughter is beautiful like you.
It's great to hear about your wonderful day.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness that would be extremely startling. At least you guys were able to get the squirrel out of the house in the end, but still that would be a little unnerving to think the thing spent the night in your house.

Cute pictures! It looks like you all had a great Christmas!

Love your blog!

Julia said...

Thanks Donna for leaving a comment on my blog.
I appreciate you visit.
I can sympathize with you about the squirrel invasion. We had a pair of squirrels who set up house between the walls of our new house years ago. They came in through the garage where a small vent was left uncovered. We tried to get rid of them and finally my husband put some poison and they died between the walls and for years, when it was windy, the smell came into the house. Thankfully we don't get that bad smell anymore.

What a beautiful family you have. You must be so proud of your grandkids. Your photos are great.

Happy New Year. JB

saltbox treasures said...

Oh, your family is beautiful!!! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I can tell there is a lot of love in your home. Grandparenting is the best!
I look forward to getting to know you.
Happy New Year!
~ Julie