Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

My favorite Mother's Day blessings.....




Everyday I'm grateful for these little guys and thank God for them. I wish so much that my mother was here to watch them grow....she would have loved that! Who knew we'd have these 4 sweet little faces in our lives so soon after she was gone. The legacy that she left was building such great love for family....
New pictures from Mike and Lori...most of the sisters~Love this one of Bailey because she has a bow in her hair!!!

Bailey is really so good with Emma.

Oooops! This must have been a few minutes later after falling asleep...ha!

So careful...


Color coordinated!!!

This made me laugh!!! Note the change in Bailey's expression while Mom is so calm....Emma's cry is too cute.

So sweet!!!


Five months old this week....smiles so easily now...rolls over, plays with toys and holds things!


L. P. said...

Happy Mother's Day!

yaya said...

Happy Mother's Day! I know your Mom held those sweet ones before they came to earth. She would have had a great time with them here and you are carrying out the legacy of fun times with Grandma..just like Little Grandma! Have a wonderful weekend. P.S.Thanks for bringing Bryden by so I could see him. Boy is he a cutie! So smiley and calm. He seems like a dream to babysit!