Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Happy Birthday Larry!!!

Every year Larry gets "robbed"! His birthday falls so close to Father's Day, JUNE 21ST that we celebrate them together and he's not happy about that. This year it IS on the same day...poor guy!! Larry is and was a wonderful father!! He is kind, generous and FUN! The picture above was taken at the Columbus zoo when the kids were little...The one below was taken when the boys suddenly grew taller than he is. Happy Father's Day, honey!!This picture was taken with friends Kip and Debby in Chicago during our 30's for a birthday celebration... And this one (below) was taken when he was 40 on a Lake Michigan family vacation with dear friend Denny Humrichouser... and this one was taken at age fast the years go!!!! HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY LARRY!!!

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yaya said...

What nice pics! Happy Birthday Larry, you are a good Dad too! Hope your day was fun. It's amazing how fast time goes by. You have wonderful kids and beautiful grandkids....they make life worth living for sure.