Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cooper's visit

Tim & Cooper came for a visit last night....that child gets "into" his food!! (The dogs loved it!) He is a child that loves the outdoors...I think camping will be his thing!He really enjoys reading books before bed....he read with his dad....

and his grandfather...

and me!!!

He loves more than reading,...chocolate milk!!!

It makes him sleepy and ready for bed.
High five....good night!!!!

He can say "Grandpa" now...he said it a few times before I ran and grabbed the camera to prove it to Larry! The second is outside and how he enjoys it...and the third is getting his chocolate milk out of the fridge.

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yaya said...

Look at those curly locks! That must be the "after bath" cute, reminds me of my kiddos when they were little!