Friday, March 14, 2008


This is Kathy Starkey (right) and me deciding that we are having a "thin" day next to Shay (middle, head nurse of Surgery) who is 35 weeks pregnant with TWINS! We had a shower for her a couple of weeks ago and it was fun seeing double of everything! She is having a girl and a boy...Emma & Michael. We think this will happen SOON!
Larry and I are going to see one of our little blessings tomorrow. We are going to see Bailey, Mike and Lori, much fun! A couple of weeks ago we babysat Cooper and I am going to try to upload a video of it, very dark...I am a bad photographer, but so funny! Also one of Bailey at Christmas 3 months old, trying to walk...Hope it turns out...

videoOK, well maybe I uploaded one of Bailey eating her first baby foods instead,....technologically challanged??? I'm going to try again,...bear with me...


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