Friday, June 21, 2013

Looooong (overdue...) Post

Bryden out on our pontoon "fishing".
 There are times that my life gets away from me....and it's been a long time since I last blogged.  Being busy and tired with work is most of the reason, but I want to catch and preserve the memories that I I am finally catching up a bit.
My sister Lynn came to visit and it's always so great to see her!!
 This was early spring...the leaves on the trees are barely out.

I think she gets prettier with each year older.

So studious with Paw-Paw's help steering.

Then in May was a wedding shower (thrown by Brenda in background)
 for Whitney and Chelsea here playing a game.

Whitney with his dad Ben

The cake...can you tell Whitney has a motorcycle
 and they are getting married on the beach?

The cookies

Chelsea opening many wonderful gifts from life-long special; friends!

Mike & Tim's families came to visit on a very rainy day.

Cooper throwing around the football

The usual rumble and tussle

My cousins Joel and Janette came for a short visit from Wisconsin & Iowa.
It was great to see them!!

Relay for Life where Chelsea and clan were there for...

Chelsea who was in a "hit the teacher with a water balloon"
fundraiser.  We spent many quarters there...
Whitney nailed her good!!

Whit helping Bryden make a tool kit sponsored by Home Depot,
something they do each month for children.
It was fun until a mini tornado and torrential rains cancelled the event.

Another day when good friends Judi and Cindy came to share our
vacation away from home.

Dr. Harvey came too.

Then it was our sweet Cooper's 6th (oh! yes...time does fly!!)

a great with his curly blonde cousin Emma.

This photo is one of my fun end of a hard day's work
 and hubby making dinner on the grill..yum!

Last weekend was "Strawberry Festival" in a small town near here. 
It was a terrific time...we took Bryden while Chelsea was working.

He rode this about 25 times and landed giggling each!!

A pony ride and his face says it all.

He got tired of walking so this is me carrying.

More pony rides...

On the ride home Bryden said, "I had a very fun day."
....and so did I.