Monday, November 26, 2012


We were up early to put the turkey and fixins' in the oven.
This is my appetizer....right out of a magazine courtesy of Kathy Starkey. All in all, I think it turned out pretty well!
The kids all came....Chelsea, Whitney & Bryden...
Tim, Joni & Cooper....
Mike, Lori, Bailey and Emma.  The gang was all here and the weather was perfect!  One of the things on my agenda was getting the kids together for a Christmas Card picture....
Emma was not thrilled with my idea!
or my choice of headgear.
Then the boys got silly...
and sillier!
and so it went, but I did manage to get one that I liked later. They make me laugh which is the best!
 After food overload, the dads and I took the little ones for a creek walk.
Some of the many blessings I count.
 A run up and down the drive looked like a cross country race.
 The last activity was stone throwing.  Cooper landed a big one.
Even Miss Emma enjoyed that!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Last Two Weeks....

....has been very busy!  Halloween festivities are going on but with varied weather, we were never sure what was happening.  In our little town, Trick or Treat was on a sunny day with 84* temps.  More folks than normal were out and it was fun to see everyone!  We borrowed a "haunted house" from cousins Kathy & Jack and had a ball with all the little ones!
Even Scoobie got in the mood as a BEE!! 
 This haunted house is a masterpiece...look inside.  It even has ghosts in the window and bats flying from the ceiling!
Most kids ran into the house first before getting treats!   It was a great place to take kids pics for the night.
As it got dark, the house "lit up"...

 Bryden, ummmm, Spiderman with his mother, came to visit.
And here are our newly engaged family members....a June wedding it will be for Chelsea & Whitney.  Congrats you two!!!
This was one of my projects for the week...our Relay for Life had a bake sale this week as well as a "Quarter for a Cure" fundraiser which kept us all busy.  
This was just some Grandma time with Bryden.
-and My sweet sister Lynn came to visit.    She is the glue that holds us all together and I am always so grateful for her cheery visits!!
Friend Judi came too and we had a night of cards and fondue...yum! Nothing like fun to make you smile.
 Then Friday night Tim surprised us with a visit from Cooper!!  That boy can charm a snake!  He charmed my wigs from me and he and Bryden looked like Beatles!  lol.
Whenever there are Starkey men in the house...this takes place!  There is always wrestling.  Oh me.
Sorry Tim, but I just had to include this pick.  I didn't even see it happen till I looked at the pictures in my camera.  Then I just had to giggle.  I think he got the best of you!!!
It was a wild pajama party and none of us got much sleep...but I had to yawn myself when after they left I found this little one had crawled into bed and was fast asleep with his beloved "tiger".
Today was church,...our "Relay for Life" event and then....a Halloween visit to Emma & Bailey's house to watch them Trick or Treat.
Lori had just gotten some portraits back from the photographer's.  I love this one of the girls.  Emma looks so old worldly to me.
 And I told Mike & Lori that I think this one looks like it was taken 100 years ago in an English garden!
And then there is this one. I laughed SO hard at this!!!!
Bailey came down dressed in her outfit...a dog!  
Cutest dog I ever saw said PawPaw!
And Grandpa Jim.
And Grandma Becky!!
Emma was dressed as a kitty!  
The family ready to go out.
The girls waiting for all the lights to go on.
And Bailey....thanks for a great week...all!!!!