Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas with the Fab Four....

The house was all cleaned, the food was prepared, baking had been done and the cast of characters was returning for Christmas! Our children Tim, Mike and Chelsea with all their clan is coming....I can hear them on the rooftop.  Or maybe it's coming down the 1, then 2 and 3!!

  Tim, Joni and Cooper
Chelsea and Bryden

Mike, Lori, Bailey and Emma

Bryden was still excited from his birthday and knew what opening gifts was all about. 

Sweet little Emma, patient and enjoying it all.

Mr. Christmas himself!  Cooper is beyond excited for the festivities to begin!!

And then Santa Grandpa came in....

There were tender moments in the day....Aunt Joni & Emma...

Paw-Paw and Cooper...

and hugely funny ones!  Getting 4 chilren to pose before church is a challange! 

These 4 year olds responded well to  bribery....

and we finally got this shot!

After church, we had a bite to eat, put jammies on and commensed gift opening.

Bailey with treasures...

and me with mine!!

Bryden with a new toy...a recording microphone!  See videos below.  He "sang" that loud in church too!!! lol 

Bailey's expression just makes me laugh too!
Again, we tried to get them all in a cute pose.....

while going through this!!

These two year olds (one soon to be....) looking very innocent!

and again finally got this shot that I like.

-the evening closed with Joni & son looking for Santa's whereabouts on Norad!  And  a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


 Ah, yes.  It happens to the best of us.  Turning another year older....Bryden turned two this week.
 I remember my mother got the biggest joy from celebrating all our birthdays in the best way she knew how and all those memories from special celebrations come flooding back now as the grandchildren celebrate theirs. This one started with a small family celebration at our house...
 with gifts that he really enjoyed opening with his mother Chelsea.  He is understanding what it's all about which is fun to watch.
 This was one of his favorite gifts...a guitar!  He sings which is SO funny to watch!!
 Friend Emily came over to serenade him too!!
 Today began with a breakfast with Santa.  This was the new word of the week and I laughed each time he said it!
 All the moms in our family were here today (dads came too...) with all the little ones at Chelsea's house to celebrate again with a bigger par-tay.

 Miss Emma in her winter outfit...
 Cousins....I love the look on Bryden's face as he shares his chair.  A minute later he pushed her out and wanted it to himself...but I captured this sweet!
 All the fun food that Chelsea served...
 Another moment between Uncle Tim and Bailey.
 Mmmmm!  The birthday cupcake!!
And Cooper getting ready to go home in his great hat saying good-bye!!

The best part for me was knowing they all will be back in just two weeks for Christmas!!