Monday, August 25, 2008

Cooper babysits his grandparents

Cooper spent the morning with us Saturday. He entertained us well!
Note his faithful companion Remington under his bed... He taught us how to swing him, he wasn't very happy until we did it like his dad does...hard!

He showed his grandpapa how to use the cell -phone and talk on it...

Amd he showed grandma all his toys.



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today was an adventure!! Bailey was asked by a children's store, "Little-ist Details" in Avon Lake to model fall children's clothing for "Good Company". It will air at 10am on the Labor Day show on channel 3. We went to the studio and this picture was taken outside ...see the "3" over Lori's shoulder.
Kids waiting in the "green-room".

Studio's a large, beautiful building!

Studio hallways...can see Lake Erie at end of hall...

Bailey is dressed...and wants to leave the green room...

If only her daddy could see her on a motorcycle!!!

Watching the show before taping...

On the, next to Fred Griffith interviewing a he tall!!

Bailey dressed and ready to go...

The set...left corner Fred interviewing guest.

Sorry, I was so excited to catch everything that it's all a little, OK, VERY shaky, makes you a little sick to watch, but you'll get the jist of the show and interview...


Here's our girl!!!! (Forget the lint on the floor, sweetie!)

Cool dude...Fred Griffith laughing loudly and watching monitor...


All done finally!, -relaxing over lunch...sigh-


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cooper's growing and need new Fall duds, so we took him shopping today-fun!!


The kids all came Saturday morning for an early morning fishing trip. We cooked breakfast on the boat, made pancakes on the grill and enjoyed the open air...

Then we decided to blow up the raft and pull Tim behind the pontoon. After several funny videos,...these are results and ones worth sharing...

Too funny!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bailey learns "monkey-speak"

videoWe found a monkey in a toy store for Bailey's upcoming first birthday. Lori was showing Bailey the sounds that a monkey makes' "ooohh-ooohh-eeh-eeeh" and Bailey was studying her and mimicking her back...tooo cute!!! We tried to catch it later and this is the best we could do, still funny!