Thursday, July 26, 2012

The last couple of weeks have been full of summer activities and meeting family whenever we can between chemo treatments.  I have learned how to adjust to a schedule around work and play that is allowing us to enjoy some of the summer fun...thankfully!!  Above, is Bailey with us when we met Mike, Lori & co. for lunch after poor Emma broke her leg!  She was playing on a new "Slip & Slide" and slid one foot too far.  

After lunch, shopping, Emma & mother.

See the bright pink cast??  Too fun! 

Emma looks ready to go home for a nap but we certainly enjoyed seeing her!

Then we met my nursing school best bud, Judi (R) and her sisters, Lois (far L), then Lori, and Beth.  This group knows how to have a good time, yet are so sweet to each other! 

When we were in nursing school, we were often mistaken for each other,...or sisters....I think there is still a faint resemblance.  

But speaking of sweet sister Lynn (with our Scoobie) came to visit last week!  Every now and then she says she just has to come "look" at me.  It was a chemo week but she is great about letting me nap a lot and helping too.  Visitors shouldn't have to do that, should they??

Judi came down one evening to see her too.  Judi was Lynn's nursing school "big sis".  Yes, we ALL are nurses!  It was a good time...thanks for coming girls!!   

Then in the middle of July is my birthday...Chelsea and Larry planned a dinner at my favorite restaurant on the lake and it was one of those perfect nights. I think the "Joyeus Anniversaire" dish is given to ANYone with a celebration...ha! 

Chelsea and Whitney at dinner kept us giggling...that's the best kind of dinner!

Yes, she certainly did!  After this pic was taken, her dessert slid off the plate!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th!!!!

It was great to have a mid-week off ,celebration of our country.....and also that of my son's birth!  Their real birthday is the 7th and it's hard to get them together since they are 3 hours travel apart.  I remember being pregnant on the fourth of July in 1976, the USA bi-centennial celebration and thinking I was going to burst so the 4th always seems like their birthday...7/7/76.  Happy birthday guys!! (Sorry, we missed you Mike!)

Cooper and Bryden cooled off in the pool while we lounged and for us all! 

Cooper with a drink of water while his cousin shoots him in the back!

I love this sweet pic of Uncle Tim helping Bryden with his boots when the kids decided they wanted to "creek  walk". When I was a kid we had a creek in our back yard too, so have always enjoyed that too.

Taking pics along the was cool in the creek and we all enjoyed the walk.

Later we had a visit from is Emily with Cooper in the play house.

Luke with mama Megan...what a cutie!! 

and sister Jen with also cute baby Owen.  These cousins will have so much growing up together. Thanks for your visit!

And last pic....Cooper is very artistic here making collages out of stone and sticks (and many other  things at home, his mother says) .  He said this sculpture was for God.  It was just remarkable...sorry I didn't take a picture of it but was impressed with his spirituality.  It's so good to just have a normal day and enjoy the fam.  Happy (day after the) 4th!! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Squeals of Delight!!

There are many thing to delight in in the past 6 weeks or so since I've posted last.  One is that I am  more than half away done with chemo, the first of four legs of this cancer journey.  (~still have radiation, more surgery then a long term medication schedule to follow.) My motto is "just get through it" a few days in bed, then up and about as much as possible.  I've learned what 14 hours of sleep is though and while I don't look like a teen, I feel I should be one after that much sleep!
I'm so grateful that I am going through this in the summer!  There are so many fun things happening and instead of feeling like I am missing them, am just glad to participate and smile once in a while.  Above is Bryden relishing in the sprinkler fun in our yard.

Bryden with friend in our kiddie pool! 

Cooper's 5th birthday was in Columbus at the "World of Bounce" and all the kids had a ball.  

Cooper was thrilled to be king for a day and sit on the birthday throne! 

Blowing out candles.  I have to say that this child is especially sensitive and concerned for my illness.  When I see him, he whispers "How ARE you?"  I always say "great!"  And then he is his old self again...sweet! 
Another summer happening...taking Bryden to our Croc Center water park.  Here Paw-Paw teaching him how to shoot cannons. 

There is a great play center for the kids too.

Last weekend Mike and Lori brought the girls up for a trip on the boat.  Bryden was along for the ride too. 

Miss Emma always has squeals of delight...or maybe she just IS one!  

Her dad thinks so that's for sure! 

OK...maybe mom too.

This was my squeal of delight...I just love to see the sailboats out on  the water and there were lots this day. 

Then there is Miss Intellectual.  She was allowed to "captain" the boat .  She knows right and left...pretty good for a 4 year old.  She "drove" better than any of us!
 Bryden took this picture and the next with my camera which I think is pretty good too.

Love the vantage point of this pic...but then for a shortie, is there any other????

Lori brought down a surprise party for Larry for Father's Day and Larry's birthday which are always either on the same day or just a few apart.  He thinks he gets robbed.  I don't know, this was pretty nice!!!!

The kids thought so for sure!!

Too bad it was a bad shot...but my last squeal of delight was when Mike jumped off the boat for an impromptu funny.  Thanks for making me laugh, Mike!!!!